IHC Services offers a wide range of heating solutions for every type of environment, utilising natural gas, LPG, oil or electricity.

Radiant Heating

Radiant tube heaters work in the same way as the suns rays, passing through the air and being absorbed through people, floors and machinery. This creates warmth at low level without heating the upper volumes of the building. An ideal system for high buildings with significant air changes.

Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating creates an even, stable temperature by constantly warming and recirculating the air. When installed at high level, valuable space is saved, providing an efficient, practical and economic heating system. Floor standing, ducted and fresh air filtered options are available. Warm air heating is a well proven economical and energy efficient form of heating for most industrial and commercial buildings.

Hot Water Heating

IHC Services have designed and installed all forms of space heating encompassing hot water heating systems incorporating radiators, underfloor heating, convector and fan convector. From small office to large industrial sizes.

Hot Water Systems

From a one tap system to a full system for the leisure industry to hotels and restaurants. IHC services can design and install a system to suit your needs from electrical to gas fired, direct or indirect, that will work to optimum efficiency.